Tropes about King Orlónius I of Etrand include:

  • 0% Approval Rationg: He is rather unpopular abroad, largerly due to his tendency to flaunt Etrand's military might to help to convince other foreign rulers and homeland politicians alike to play along his rules.
  • The Bully / Jerk Jock: In his youth he was this. While he still "bullies" his own governemnt and foreign rulers alike by flaunting his country's military strength to "convince" them to agree to his suggestions, on a personal level, he has been a changed man ever since 808.
  • Heel Face Turn/Heel Faith Turn: Before 808, he was a spoiled and violent prince who slept around and bullied people - a medieval equivalent of the Jerk Jock. After 808, he spent some time in a monastery and came back as a completely different person: a religious, kind and wise man.
  • The Atoner: He became this in 808-809, atoning for his past actions. He used to be a Jerk Jock, became a religious person.
  • The Good King: Heavily debatable. While the peasants love him and the church adores him, the nobles aren't very fond of him, and foreigners outright revile him.
  • Never Live It Down: Averted. Most people don't know about his dark secrets from before 808, only a few whispers in the dark alleys of Grandfolk...

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