Language: English

House of Tondbert
Tondbertling, Tondberten
Royal house
Tondbertid CoA

Coat of Arms of the Tondbertid dynasty

Country Kingdom of Etrand
Titles King of Etrand (formerly)
Grand Count of Brevia
Founded 145 AEKE
Founder King Swidhelm I of Etrand (de facto)
King Tondbert I of Etrand (de jure)
Final ruler King of Etrand:
Queen Mythela of Etrand
Current head Aethling of Brevia
Dissolution never
Deposition King of Etrand:
718 AEKE (de facto)
744 AEKE (de jure)
Grand Count of Brevia:
Ethnicity Human

The Tondbertid dynasty - also known as Tondbertling (Etrandish: Tondbertling; IPA: [tʰɔndbəɹtʰlɪŋ], meaning "Tondbert-descendants") or Tondberten (Etrandish: Tondberten; IPA: [tʰɔndbəɹtʰɛn], meaning "of Tondbert") - was the ruling family of Etrand between 145 and 718 AEKE, although the house's official deposition happened only in 744.

Even though the Tondbertids no longer hold the royal title of Etrand, they continue to be a powerful noble family that still holds considerable amount of influence and prestige even to this day.

Origins Edit

Rise Edit

Loss of the Kingdom Edit

After 718 Edit

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