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The Mystics

The clan's symbol.

The Mystic clan is one of the bigger vampire clans of Keldorn. Even though the highest ranking members are all mages, the Mystics are a real Jack-of-all-trade clan. The members are chosen due to their usefulness without regard to their race or sex. Every one of their members has skill or talent in something, which their sire saw useful when they turned them.

Sentiment Edit

The clan's "sentiment" is simple. Those who - despite being chosen - are considered unworthy will be undone by "natural causes". More bluntly by final death. The cause of their demise may differ but the end is all the same. Because of their variety in members and their secrecy of their true purpose the clan had earned enemies, as well as made allies with their usefulness, conventions and knowledge.

As the saying goes: "Only a Mystic knows his or her goals."

The Anti-Inquisition Edit

The Great Council of Keldorn tasked the clan (along few other clans) to actively oppose the Inquisition, and protect the undead society from them. Thus an Anti-Inqusition section was established by the clan as well as havens and garrisons were made outside Keldorn. But most likely, only those in the highest ranks in the Mystic clan know how much land and secret bases they own outside the island. The anti-inquisitors are also used as first line soldiers. Formed of highly capable veterans and newly selected chosen ones, the anti-inquisitors are a force to reckon with. Therefore the Anti-Inquisiton often used against the clans lycan foes too outside Keldorn.

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