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The Left Hand of Salashi is a tavern and restaurant in Grandfolk that was founded by and is led by Frensus Salashi.

Current status Edit

The Left Hand of Salashi is a very well-furnished place - one of the cosiest, if not the cosiest resort in all of Grandfolk out of all the premises that ordinary citizens can even dream of approaching -, which operates as a restaurant during day time and as a "nightclub" (with all the music and dancing) during night time.

Food, drink, female dancers are all here for both travellers and local frequent visitors. The owner is Frensus Salashi, whose left hand is missing under his wrist, yet he is able to do everything perfectly and is as adept as a person with 3 hands - hence the name "The Left Hand of Salashi".

Salashi has 3 bartenders.

  • Salashi's daughter Anna Salashi, an always happy girl in her mid-twenties, who is very fond of beer.
  • Izaverra Chiya, a kind girl, who claims to be twenty years old, but is very short and looks fourteen.
  • Yésen Woja, a late-teens/early-twenties hard-working man, who sometimes disappears and reappears with a red face. Everyone says that he drinks, but who knows.

History Edit

The Left Hand of Salashi was founded some time between 805 and 815 AEKE.

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