Language: English

Total speakers:
Language family: Torgyrian
Writing system: Shár script

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The Strban language is the dominant language of the Kingdom of Strba, therefore the mother language of the majority of Azisiri people.

Phonology Edit

Consonants Edit

Nasal Dental Palatal Velar
Plain Sibilant Plain Labialized
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Stop Voiceless p t t͡s t͡ʃ k (kʷ)
Voiced b d d͡z d͡ʒ g (gʷ)
Fricative Voiceless (f) s ʃ x (xʷ)
Voiced v~ʋ z ʒ (ɣ)
Approximant Plain j (w)
Lateral ɫ ʎ
Trill r
  • /f/ is a marginal phoneme, appearing mostly in loanwords. Other than that, [f] also appears as the allophone of /v/ word-finally and before voiceless consonants.
  • /v/ has can be either a fricative [v] or an approximant [ʋ], but it's usually somewhere in between the two, a weak fricative. It has several allophones:
    • A lot of speakers pronounce /vu/ as [wu]. Some speakers always pronounce /v/ as [w] word-initially, except before front vowels.
    • /kv gv xv rv/ coalesce into [kʷ gʷ xʷ ɹʷ]
    • Many speakers pronounce /v/ as [ʋ] or [w] after /ɫ/, /j/ and /ʎ/
    • /v/ is devoiced to [f] word-finally and before voiceless consonants.
  • [ɣ] only appears as the allophone of /x/ before voiced stops and fricatives. A lot of speakers elide it completely (usually with compensatory lengthening) , pronouncing /pɔxdi/ as [pɔːdi] or [pɔdi] instead of [pɔɣdi].
    • A minority of speakers speakers may pronounce the intervocalic clusters /xr xɫ xʎ/ as [ɣr ɣɫ ɣʎ] or elide /x/ before these consonants, meaning that /axri/ may be pronounced as [aɣri], [aːri] or just [ari] instead of the usual [axri].
  • /n/ becomes [ŋ] before /k g x/. /ŋ/ as a separate phoneme is marginal and occours only word-initially. Many speakers elide this word-initial /ŋ/ altogether.
    • Several speakers pronounce word-initial /g/ as [ŋ]
  • /n/, /r/, /ɫ/ and /ʎ/ may be syllabic
  • /r/ is usually realized as a trilled [r], but may be sometimes a flapped [ɾ], especially when not syllabic
    • /rv/ is pronounced as [ɹʷ]

Vowels Edit

Front Back
Close Long
Short i u
Mid Long ɛː ɔː
Short ɛ ɔ
Open Long
Short a
  • /ɛː ɔː/ may be raised to [eː oː] by a minority of speakers
  • /ɔ/ may be slightly raised to [o̞]
  • Short /ɛ/ may be lowered to [æ] or raised to [e̞] by a minority of speakers
    • Lowering /ɛ ɛː/ to [æ æː] after /r ɫ/ is nearly universal
    • Raising /ɛ ɛː/ to [e eː] after /j ʎ ɲ/ is nearly universal

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