Language: English


First Demonic Invasion

Second Demonic Invasion

257 AEKE


263 AEKE


Etrand, Hulra, Froturn, Dragoc, Keldorn, Brutang


Demonic invasion Repelled





Etrand shield King Andrei of Etrand
Hulra shieldKing Willem V of Hulra
Froturn shield Queen Ypsela of Froturn
Dragoc shield King Jaen of Dragoc
Keldorn shield Consul Rotheran of Keldorn

  • Fompú
  • Korrakh
  • Chúvat
  • Shąyk
  • Bąką

The Second Demonic Invasion was the second attempted invasion of Artograch by the Demons of Nortiimus, widely considered more destructive than the first one. While in the first one, Demons roamed Artograch for only two years, in the Second Demonic Invasion, six full years have passed between the time the first Demonin Army has set foot in Artograch since 253 and the the time the last Demonic army was exterminated.

Specific countries Edit

Etrand Edit

Hulra Edit

Froturn Edit

Dragoc Edit

Brutang Edit

Keldorn and Gabyr Edit

Conclusion and legacy Edit

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