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Rangers are known as the Knights of Nature, because the combine - or at least try to make a compromise between - the martial prowess of a

Warrior and the magic of

Druids, just like

Knights do between

Warriors and

Clerics, or

Battlemages between

Warriors and

Magicians. However, unlike Druids, the main job of Rangers is to guard the borders, police the wildlands, circulate news and announcements, and so on. In wartime, they also serve as the elite infantry of Dragoc.

They use Nature Magic, just like


The Original FRPG Edit

Rangers are a dual-class prestige class, can be either


Druid hybrids or


Druid hybrids.

Being a Ranger comes with the bonuses of receiving advanced archery and swordsmanship skills, basic stealth and basic tracking.

The Games: 2012 and 2013 Edit

In the video game adaptations of the FRPG, Rangers are a compromise between


Thieves and

Druids in the sense that they can use most weapons, are relatively fast and offense-oriented, can only wear a limited amount of armour, and can cast spells like Druids, but at a much more limited manner, due to the lesser amount of spellpoints.