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The Qori people - also known as Kori, Karé or Qozhi - are a sapient race of anthromorphic foxes inhabiting the Qoriyan Mountains. The ordinary Qori is 155 centimetres tall, weights 60 kilograms, and live up to 300 years. The Azisiri race was born out of hybridization between Qori, Limjiang and Proto-Elves.

The Qori people are a rather simplistic people who are content with herding pig, sheep and goat in the Qoriyan Mountains. They are relatively peaceful, only rarely engaging in turf wars with one another - they live in clans and tribes. Several Qori tribes have also come to populate the nearby coastline, making a life of fishing and trading.

While the Qori of the mountains have always lived primitively and never developed a written language, their mythology is rich in oral traditions that predate all of recorded history. The coastal Qori have come in contact with various races that have developed written language, and since has adopted literacy to their own language. Nevertheless, even to this day, the Qori people remain an isolated if not slightly xenophobic people that strongly prefer to keep to their own kind.


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