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Principality of Artaburro
Artabyrróan Rétta
Artabyrróan Rétta (Wood Elven)
Around 270 AEKE–???

Artaburro shield.png
Coat of arms

Artaburro today vector.svg
Location of Froturn
Capital Alta Gon
Languages Official language: Wood Elven
Religion Church of Titanius (dominant religion)
Cult of Nature (recognized and tolerated)
Government Feudal Monarchy
 -  270-326 Taina the Beautiful (first)
 - 794 Gina (current)
 - Demonic Invasions 251-263 AEKE
 -  Exodus of the Half-Breeds Around 270 AEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Principality of Artaburro is a state on Artograch mainly populated by Half-Elves. Other than the various Dark Elven clans, Artaburro is the youngest state on Continental Artograch.

The Principality of Artaburro is unique in many respects. For one, being founded by an exodus of people with mixed heritage, as well as embracing the Wood Elven language and many aspects of Wood Elven culture, despite following the religion of the High Eves.

Obviously, with its low population, small minority and relatively insignificant economy, it is highly dependent on the neighbouring states Froturn and Dragoc.

History Edit

Demographics Edit

As of 831 AEKE, the total population of Artaburro is 457,500.

Race Edit

Race Amount Percentage
Half-Elves 440,000 96.17%
High Elves 10,000 2.19%
Wood Elves 7,500 1.64%

Religion Edit

Artaburro has two recognized religions whose practice is considered absolutely free: the Church of Titanius and the Cult of Nature. The earlier claims the souls of 66% of Artaburro's population, while the latter happens to have 32% of the country's people as its believers, 2% following various other religions.

The rulers of Artaburro have sworn to uphold the Yanus Protocol, and as such, the two religions are forbidden from trying to "steal" believers from each others. In case of interfaith marriages, the law states that the daughters should follow the mother's religion, while the sons should follow the father's faith.