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The Eternal Crystal Flower Order

Symbol of the faction.

The Order of the Eternal Crystal Flower is a Heterodox Titanist order of Magicians and Thieves. The order itself is considered relatively young. So young that its founder, Zain Armblus died in 829 AEKE, 31th of Edhealasse.

Origins Edit

The order's founder Zain Armblus was originally a magician, but he became a Titanist priest. Witnessing all the corruption within the church, the tolerance for sodomy within the priesthood and nobility, exploitation of the poor and the various double standards the church lived by, Zain turned to heresy. Needless to say, he was excommunicated - forced into hiding, lest the Inquisition would find and execute him.

It is said that while in hiding, Zain met a child who was exceptionally talented with magic, which inspired him to found the order. Initially, he trained only that child, but as time passed, more and more apprentices began appearing. Zain no longer had the time and energy to teach them all by himself - therefore, he began drawing out his plans to building a guild headquarters. His wealthier apprentices helped him finance the effort to build a headquarters in a hidden place where the Inquisition cannot find them. In addition to them, his more skilled apprentices began overtaking his duties in teaching the young.

Time passed on again, and more and more "heretics" found themselves under the defense of the guild's walls, which led to a lack of place - more guildhouses were built in hidden places, increasing their influence. Four out of these secret guildhouses already got burned to the ground by the Inquisition, but the location of the first and original building is still unknown.

Zain has been dead since 829 AEKE, 31th of Edhealasse, but the others are still determined to keep the order going and developing. The created a simple symbol that represents the order, adopted a uniform for the students to promote modesty and humility. The order is still active, although underground.

Ranks Edit

  1. Grandmaster: the leader of the order. When he or she dies or abedicates, a new one is elected from the masters. The first grandmaster was Zain Armblus.
  2. Master: The ones responsible for teaching, as well as leading the order's daily affairs. An Apprentice can become Master, if three masters vouch for him or her.
  3. Apprentice: The students, the ones who are receiving all the knowledge and indoctrination from the Masters. To be an apprentice, one has to be a Heretical Titanist, and a Magician at the same time.
  4. Supporter: Given the same respect as Apprentices, they are usually not Magicians, but still Heretical Titanists, they come to the guildhouses for prayers, or to bring food and supplies in return for money, healing and various other services.

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