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Orcs are a warlike people. Their origins are shrouded in mystery. They claim to descend from the people of Thorm'fa, a Wood Elven general was exiled - along with his soldiers and the families of his soldiers - to the cold and unforgiving land of Brutang after he turned renegade on Dragoc, which was after a devestating war against the Humans and the Lizardmen. It is said that ever since that, they have been planning thier massive campaign of revenge on the Humans, Lizardmen and Wood Elves. This is why they make so many raids inland, and this is why everyone views them as barbarians. Are they truly barbarians? No. The live in organized clans. They are intelligent and they have their own culture. Even though their architecture is as good as nonexistent - limited to only tents and totem poles, next to no monuments at all - and their literate culture is very underdeveloped, with only a select few being even able to read and write to begin with, just like the Wood Elves, the Orcs are proud to have a culture rich in oral traditions. Unlike what orcish stereotypes would suggest, their weapons are not crude at all - they are very nicely decorated and well-maintained. The Orcs value their weapons, which is why they forge them to be durable, decorate them with anything they can, and maintain it to extend their lifespan to the maximum.

Orcs are loyal people. Intelligent and brave, seldom capable of a betreyal. If they promise something, they will always get it done. Let it be either revenge or sworn servitde. That is the traditional orcish mentality.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 10 20
Agility 7 17
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 10 20
Charisma 6 16