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Old Etrandish and Middle Etrandish had a variety of dialects:

West Etrandish Edit

Western Etrandish became the de facto stard during the Middle Etrandish period.

  • The diphthongization of /æː/ to /æi̯/ happened earlier than in other dialects, attested as 300 BEKE in writing, as opposed to the 150 BEKE in other dialects
  • /æi̯ ɑu̯/ became /ɐi̯ ɐu̯/ as early as 150 BEKE. This change only spread to other dailects between 0 AEKE and 100 AEKE, during the early Middle Etrandish period.

Southern Etrandish Edit

  • Unlike in other dialects, /æː/ never diphthongized to /æi̯/, but instead got raised to /eː/. As a result, Some words in Current Southern Etrandish still have /eɪ̯/ instead of the Standard Etrandish /ɐɪ̯/.
  • While in other dialects, intervocalic /g/ - which was originally pronounced as [ɣ] - hardened to [g], it became [ɦ] in Southern Etrandish. As a result, Some words in Current Southern Etrandish still have /h/ instead of the Standard Etrandish /g/.
  • Coda-position /l/ was often written like /r/. Coda-position /l/ and /r/ may have merged as [ɹ] or [ɻ]. This dialectal feature did not survive into the Southern dialect of Middle Etrandish.

Inner Etrandish Edit

  • /ng/ coalsced into /ŋ/ as early as 200 BEKE, while in other dialects, this happened between 0 and 300 AEKE, becoming standard by 300. This is evidenced by some inscriptions writing 「nm」, 「gn」 or 「nh」 instead of 「ng」.
  • There was an ongoing sprintalization of coda-position /k/ to /x/ before the unification of Etrand. This feature did not survive into Middle Etrandish.

Northern Etrandish Edit

  • The dialect had word-final devoicing of voiced stops. The glide /u̯/ also became /f/ word-finally and before voiceless consonants.
  • Before the unification of Etrand, there was an ongoing shift of /æ æi̯/ to /e ei̯/, /ɑ ɑː/ to /æ æː/. Some archaic dialectal words and personal names still reflect this.
  • /er/ became /or/, rather than /ər/ in Northern Etrandish. This may be evidence for the uvular articulation of /r/ as [ʀ~ʁ] dating back to Old Etrandish times.

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