Language: English
Mori Templa Mellon
Mori Templa Mellon
Dark Elven Cland
Marand shield.png
473 AEKE–???

Mori Templa Mellon shield.png
Coat of arms

Capital Not specified
Languages Dark Elven
Religion Dark Elven Religion
Government Mixed government
de jure Absolute monarchy
de facto Theocratic oligarchy, Magocracy
 -  Assassination of Queen Sellin 473 AEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Mori Templa Mellon (Dark Elven: Mori Templa Mellon; IPA: [mɔʀ̆i tɛmpla mɛlˠːɔn]) is one of the three main Dark Elven clans, being one of the three successor states of the Kingdom of Marand. They have a reputation of being the masters of dark and destructive magic. Unlike the other clans, where men have the most of the rights and a de facto monopoly on leadership roles, in the Mori Templa Mellon clan, the majority of the leadership is made up of females. The Mori Templa Mellon clan is matriarchy.

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