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Lizardman Religion Big

The symbol of the Lizardman religion.

Finding information about the religion is the Lizardmen is not hard at all - there are lots of clues, influence in present-day religions, archaeological sites, and off course: the people. The lizardmen’s empire is long gone, but the now-nomadic lizardmen still practice their old religion. According to research, the lizardmen continued the religion of the Ancients, belief in the balance between Order and Chaos: You give, you take. After the Maessepreost Despotanfras race became extinct, the lizardmen started to employ men from their own race as priests, who led the rituals. All we know is that the warriors worshipped chaos, so that would give them superhuman-like strength, while the average townsfolk prayed to the Order, so they would get good harvest. That’s what the core of the religion was like and still is like.

It is unknown if they believed in gods, spirits or anything at first, but it is known that later, they started to believe in a number of deities and associate them with either Order or Chaos.

Due to the freedom-loving nature of the Lizardmen, they refused to pray until the life conditions started to grow worse, which the priests exploited. For some reason, as they started to pray, the everything became better.

Later, their religion started to become much more united. Priests would also become early philosophers, and started to believe that they “can’t believe in the vacuum, there must be a person, or more who created the world and still watch us”.

So they came up with the idea of worshiping a number of deities.

The later-adopted deities they associated with Chaos were Wopotiang (God of War), Chamading (God of Hatred, Fear and Tyranny) and Chaomegu (God of Movement, Speed and Air).

The later-adopted deities they associated with Order were Wometeo (God of Fertility, Harvest, Food and Family), Woshon (Goddess of Astrology and the Calendar) and Alau (God of Water, Sea Creatures, Life and Youth).

Unfortunately we can’t say too much about their religion. The priests of the Lizardman Empire used the old Ancient Temples to sacrifice animals and goods in order to please the gods. But like many religions, it started to gray as the time passed. Expansion was stopped, people stopped to pray to the Chaos, and the religion become more and more corrupt with the sacrifices. They even started to practice cruel and inhumane man-sacrifices. The balance broke and problems rose again. However the Empire was already too big to support itself, and to care about such small problems. Some people heeded the priests, while some - like the Emperor - didn’t, so the religion and the imperial government started to weaken each other.

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