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All rulers of Artaburro are direct descendants of Princess Taina, the founder.

# Monarch Reign Relationship Coin
1 Princess Taina the Beautiful 270-326 AEKE - -
2 Prince Chiúci the Bearded 326-392 AEKE son of Taina -
3 Prince Cosciró the Lustful 392-436 AEKE son of Chiúci -
4 Prince Tóyun the Pious 436-470 AEKE son of Cosciró -
5 Princess Iré the Fox 470-511 AEKE daughter of Tóyun -
6 Princess Chéri the Gardener 511-543 AEKE daughter of Iré -
7 Prince Zataro the Falcon 543-591 AEKE son of Chéri -
8 Prince Sciua the Swordsman 591-643 AEKE son of Zataro -
9 Prince Guroth the Idle 643-681 AEKE son of Sciua -
10 Prince Ithric the Winelover 681-713 AEKE son of Guroth -
11 Prince Borró the Drunkard 713-742 AEKE son of Ithric -
12 Prince Saran the Curious 742-794 AEKE son of Borró Prince Saran
13 Princess Gina 794- AEKE daughter of Saran Princess Gina

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