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As High Elves are a long-lived species, the majority of monarchs have reigned for at least a century. Every single ruler of Froturn following Queen Salvia the Great is her direct descendant, which earned the royal house of Froturn the alternate name "Salvian dynasty".

# Name Reign Relationship Coin
1 Queen Salvia the Great 1300?-1106 BEKE - -
2 King Saltrius the Weak 1106-1025 BEKE son of Salvia -
3 King Simvárus the Brash 1025-933 BEKE son of Saltrius -
4 King Lynésus the Wolf-Hearted 933-811 BEKE son of Simvárus -
5 Queen Taela the Wise 811-625 BEKE daughter of Lynésus -
6 Queen Claevara the Beautiful 625-449 BEKE daughter of Taela -
7 King Sorquisius the Charismatic 449-289 BEKE son of Claevara -
8 King Naeredus the Missionary 289 BEKE – 38 AEKE son of Sorquisius -
9 Queen Ypsela the Peaceful 38-266 AEKE daughter of Naeredus -
10 King Euvalus the Thinking 266-394 AEKE son of Ypsela -
11 King Agimus the Crafty 394-591 AEKE son of Euvalus -
12 King Vonayus the Drunkard 591-691 AEKE son of Agimus -
13 King Cael'mus the Lean 691-809 AEKE son of Vonayus King Caelmus
14 King Ivahó 809-today son of Cael'mus King Ivahó

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