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As the Wood Elves are a long-lived species, all of their monarchs have reigned for at least one century. Every single King of Dragoc belongs to the Golden Stag dynasty, founded by King Hiewai the Unifier.

# Monarch Reign Relationship Coin
1 King Hiewai the Unifier 1000-867 BEKE - -
2 King Gairai the Warmonger 867-722 BEKE son of Hiewai -
3 King Ansan the Poet 722-511 BEKE son of Gairai -
4 Queen Niudaru the Red 511-406 BEKE daughter of Ansan -
5 King Heianoy the Hunter 406-198 BEKE son of Niudaru -
6 Queen Nirara the Winedrinker 198-0 BEKE daughter of Heianoy -
7 King Ithric the Idle 0-155 AEKE son of Nirara -
8 King Jaen the Charitable 155-322 AEKE son of Ithric -
9 King Utari the Shadow 322-513 AEKE son of Jaen -
10 King Hian the Tiger 513-674 AEKE son of Utari -
11 Queen Cairi 674-today daughter of Hian Queen Cairi

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