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The Limjiang are a numerous race that domiantes the North-Western part of the Orient. Whilst they are Human-like - and distantly related to them and their Elven relatives - the Limjiang have several characteristics that set them apart from the Elves and Humans: their yellowish-white or (light) golden-brown skin tones, squinty or almond-shaped eyes, small noses, rounded faces, and several eye colours and hair colours that are unusual among other species.

Brown and blond hair are unheard of among the Limjiang: most of them have either raven-black, dark vermilion, or greyish-cyan hair, although raven-black is far the most frequent. Their eye colours include the traditional brown, hazel, blue, green, but also some more unusual ones, such as vermilion, cyan, amber and greyish-purple. Their average height is around 155-165 cenitmetres, their average weight is 60 kilograms. Their supposed maximal lifespan is approximant 200 years (Limjiang equivalent of 100-120 human years), but most Limjiang only life up to 130 years on average (Limjiang equivalent of 70 human years).

The Limjiang people are split into two main ethnic groups: the Shár and the Sak. The earlier is much more numerous, numbering around 28 million people, while the latter happens to only have a population of half a million.

The name "Limjiang" literally means "our race" in the Shár language - the Sak cognate is "Rimgyäng".


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