Language: English
Kingdom of Strba
Vassal state of Shár Empire
933 BEKE–???

Strba Shield.png

Strba Map.svg
The Kingdom of Strba in red, the rest of the Shár Empire in greyish pink
Capital Gukaviš
Languages Strban
Religion Azisiri paganism and Ten Heavenly Principles
Government Feudal monarchy
 -  933 - 854 BEKE King Aspanda I (first)
 - From 803 AEKE King Aspanda IV (current)
 - Azisiri settlement in Strba ~2000
 -  Unification 933 BEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Kingdom of Strba - also known as Sterba - is one of the vassal states of the Shár Empire. It has been a vassal of the Shár ever since the times of the Bur Dynasty. What is now the Strban heartland became occupied by the Azisiri people around 2000~ BEKE, however the unified Kingdom of Strba would not form until 933 BEKE.

History Edit

See also: History of Strba

Demographics Edit

Race Edit

The dominant race of Strba is the Azisiri - 850,000 Azisiri live in Strba, forming the overwhelming majority of the Strban population. Approximately 125,000 Azisiri live outside Strba, mainly in the Torgyrian Desert.

Religion Edit

The dominant religion of Strba has always been Azisiri paganism, but ever since the 1th century AEKE, the Ten Heavenly Principles has also been introduced to the Strban land. Despite having been exposed to this religion for over eight centuries, only a minority of Strbans have embraced the Ten Heavenly Principles - namely, parts of the nobility. The majority stick to the faith of their forefathers.

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