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This is about the dwarven kingdom. For the human kingdom, see Kingdom of Steelhelm (Human)
Kingdom of Steelhelm
Continental Lizardman Empire CoA.svg
Around 2700 BEKE–Around 1120 BEKE Fathred shield.png
Steelhelm Human Shield.png

Steelhelm Dwarven Shield.png
Coat of arms

Steelhelm Kingdom.svg
Extent of both Kingdoms of Steelhelm
Capital Steelhelm
Languages Dwarven
Religion Dwarven religion
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Establishment Around 2700 BEKE
 -  Conquest by Fathred's Confederation Around 1120 BEKE
Today part of Etrand shield Etrand

The Kingdom of Steelhelm - also known as Dwarven Kingdom of Steelhelm or First Kingdom of Steelhelm - was a state in today's Northern Etrand. Originally a northern outpost of the Ancient Lizardman Empire and part of its limes, it was never settled by civilians under the Lizardman empire, as they had very low tolerance of the region's cold weather - instead, it only had a fortification and walls to defend against invaders. After the Ancient Lizardman Empire fell around 3000 BEKE, what would be this kingdom was settled by Dwarves, who rebuilt - or possibly preserved (if they never even destroyed it in the first place) - the original Lizardman-era fortifications, and expanded them.

The dwarven kingdom survived the initial Proto-Elven onslaught that happened between 2000 and 1500 BEKE, but would be eventually conquered by Fathred's Confederation some time between 1120 BEKE and 1110 BEKE, much of the original Dwarven population either expelled or exterminated. After Fathred's Confederation itself fell in 1106, a new Kingdom of Steelhelm came into existence, a human kingdom.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

Struggles against the Proto-Elves Edit

Fall to the humans Edit

Government Edit

Military Edit

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