Language: English
Insular Lizardman Empire
3700 BEKE–???

Insular Lizardman Empire CoA.svg
Coat of arms

Capital Wung Bik
Languages Insular Lizardman language
Religion Lizardman religion
Government Despotism
 -  The Lizardman Empire splits into the Continental Lizardman Empire and Insular Lizardman Empire 3700 BEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Insular Lizardman Empire is the leftover of the Ancient Lizardman Empire. The island the Empire is located at was colonized by the Lizardman Empire around 6000 BEKE. The Empire split into two in 3700, and while the Continental Lizardman Empire fell in 3000 BEKE, the Insular Lizardman Empire still stands to this day.

Foundation of the colony Edit

Breaking away from the Continental Empire Edit

After the Fall of the Continental Empire Edit

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