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The Wood and High Elves are most widely known for their poetry, music and magic skills, but when they are in danger, they also prove to be skilled warriors. High Elves can live up to 900 years, they gain friends slowly but forget them even more slowly, the same about enemies. They are usually slender, an average adult High Elf is about 190 centimetres (76 inches or 6.2 feet) tall. While both the High Elves and Wood Elves are known for being stereotypically slender, on average, High Elves are usually slightly more muscular, while Wood Elves tend to be more nimble. This also corresponds to their different ways of fighting - the High Elves of Froturn preferring to rely on firepower and armour, the Wood Elves of Dragoc preferring to rely on mobility and surprise attacks to bypass armour. In many ways, the High Elves are complete opposites of the Wood Elves. While both races are known for being talented with both the sword and the bow, and giving Artograch many talented magicians as well, the Wood Elves are a nature-loving people of the forest, while the High Elves are a technological people of stone and iron, building vast cities and fortifications from steel, and arming their legionaries with only the highest quality steel weapons. Until the age of 18, High Elves grow up with the same speed as Humans do. But after reaching the age of 18, it all slows down. A circa 100 years old High Elf is the equivalent of a 20 years old human, as such, a circa 250 years old High Elf is the equivalent of a 30 years old human, a circa 500 years old High Elf is the equivalent of a 40 years old human, as well as a circa 800 years old High Elf is the equivalent of a 70-80 years old human, and it goes on like that.

Even more so than among the Wood Elves, facial hair usually has a negative reputation among High Elves, and they prefer to be clean-shaven. Many consider High Elven women the most beautiful in Artograch - even more than the Wood Elven women.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled alignment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 9 19
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 9 19
Endurance 7 17
Charisma 8 18