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Halflings - or Hobbits - are known for their bravery and lust for adventure. For a small people not really known for the prowess as warriors, they sure are usually cocky, and relatively greedy. The stereotypical halfling is fond of beer and smoking pipes, live in hill houses - or try to make their normal houses look like hill houses by putting dirt with grass onto the walls. They are nasally attracted by the thought of being rich, but they prefer spending money over saving it. Halflings can have either straight or curly hair. Male halflings have either no facial hair at all, or moustache, rarely a beard. They usually live up to 150 years, sometimes even 200 or 300.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 7 17
Agility 9 19
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 8 18
Charisma 8 18