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Hybrids between Orcs and Humans, sometimes Elves too (overlapping with Half-Elves). Interbreeding between Orcs and Humans/Elves interbreeding can vary.

On the Human/Elven side, desire to breed Half-Orcs is rare: Orcs are considered ugly and barbaric by Humans and Elves alike. It's very unlikely for a Human or Elven male to fall for an Orcish female, and it's also rare for a Human or Elven female (who is not a prostitute) to consent to having sex with an Orcish male.

On the orc's side, it's not so rare: orcs are sexually more active than other races. Many Orcs - especially ones that have seen the world and didn't live their whole lives among their kinsmen - prefer the better-looking Human and Elf women over the Orcish counterparts. This makes crossbreeding a desired practice among Orcish diaspora.

Just like that of a Half-Elf, the life of a Half-Orc can be tough too. If fostered by Orcs and socialized among Orcs, he/she is usually considered too weak and peaceful to be genuinely part of Orcish socieity, so he/she has to prove that his/her worth by addition trials that pure-blooded Orcs don't normally have to go through. Also, Half-Orcs tend to be shorter than pure-bred Orcs, leading to them being mocked for their shorter statues. If fostered by Humans or Elves, they are on average physically stronger than the people around them, but will get in trouble for being slightly more aggressive, and be discriminated against due to their (according to Humans and Elves) inferior looks.

The breeding pattern or Half-Orcs is similar to that of Half-Elves:

  • Two half-orcs' child is always a half-orc.
  • An orc's and a half orc's child is always an orc.
  • A human's and a half orc's child is always a human.
  • An elf's and a half orc's child is always an elf.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 9 19
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 9 19
Charisma 7 17