Language: English
Empire of Neressa
c. 1200 BEKE–Exists to this day

Neressa shield.png
Coat of arms

Neressa today vector.svg
Location of Neressa
Capital Neressa
Languages Neressan
Religion Fire Cult
Government Despotic monarchy
 -  Estabilished c. 1200 BEKE
 -  Disestablished Exists to this day

The Empire of Neressa, lying in the Grey Mountains may be small, but her army is well-trained and equipped. Even though the city-state's inhabitants are mixed of various races, they are still xenophobic, and do not even let suspicious-looking strangers inside the city gates. They do not tolerate orcs within the borders, and even lizardmen are barely tolerated.

The Empire led by the Emperor, who is also one of the members of the Circle of Fire. In theory, his position is inherited within the family, and the one who is the most skilled with fire magic gets to inherit the throne. The Imperial Family is considered to be descended from a mythical and legendary "Phoenix Emperor", dating back to the times of Fathred's short-lived confederation, which unified the Humans under one border for the first time. While the Emperor is equal to all the other members of the Circle of Fire, he is the absolute ruler of Neressa itself.

Demographics Edit

As of 831 AEKE, the total population of Neressa is 688,442.

Race Amount Percentage
High Elves 382,000 55.49%
Wood Elves 108,000 15.69%
Goblins 68,800 9.99%
Humans 64,000 9.3%
Half-Elves 51,200 7.44%
Dwarves 12,800 1.86%
Gnomes 1,600 0.23%
Lizardmen 30 0%
Dark Elves 10 0%
Ogres 2 0%