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The Elven languages is a family of languages descended from Proto-Elven. The language's existence on Artograch began between 2500 and 2000 BEKE, when the Proto-Elves started colonizing Artograch. Around 1500 BEKE, Proto-Elven became the dominant language of Artograch, but it quickly started splitting up to Proto-Human, Old Neressan, Proto-Human, Archaic High Elven and Archaic Wood Elven. As of 831 AEKE, the most widely spoken Elven language is Etrandish.

Family tree Edit

Archaic Wood Elven
Archaic High Elven
Old Neressan
Early Orcish
Classical Wood Elven
Vulgar High Elven
Classical High Elven
Old Etrandish
Old Hulran
Middle Neressan
Middle Orcish
Wood Elven
Middle High Elven
Middle Etrandish
Late Hulran
Dark Elven
High elven

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