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Dwarves are one of the most easily recognizable races of Artograch. Short but muscular statue, mild xenophobia, fondness for beer and women, you will almost instantly recognize the dwarf. Having been a closed people for millennia, dwarves are not very trusting with foreigners (other than the gnomes whom they don’t really consider foreigners at all), but they are generous with the ones who earn their trust. They are also known for their talent at blacksmithing, mining and melee weapons. Dwarven steel is universally considered the best material for making both weapons and armour, and no one can deny the beauty of dwarven-made ornaments that decorate armour and weapons that would be already considered nicely-made even without them. Dwarves’ skin colour can vary from yellowish brown to pale white. A dwarf's hair color can be blond, red, brown or black. The average dwarven life expectancy is around 200 years, but depending on overall health and physical strength it may vary from 150 to 300 years. Male dwarves are very fond of their beard. In Dwarven societies, if a male does not have a beard, he isn't considered male.

Traditionally, the dwarves lived in clans that constantly bickered amongst each other, but historical events six centuries ago changed all of that.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 8 18
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 10 20
Charisma 7 17