Language: English

Total speakers: 4 500
Language family: Language isolate
Writing system: Draconic alphabet

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The Draconic language is the language of the Dragons. It is spoken by overwhelmingly Dragons.

Consonants Edit

Labial Dental Retroflex Palatal Velar
Nasal (m) n ɳ ɲ ŋ
Stop Voiceless (p) t ʈ c k
Voiced (b) d ɖ ɟ g
Fricative Voiceless (ɸ) s ʃ x
Voiced (β) (z) (ʒ)
Approximant l j w (ʍ)
Rhotic ɻ ʀ
  • The labial consonants /m p b ɸ β/ appear only in foreign words. Several dragons may replace them with /ŋ k g ʍ w/.
  • The voiced /z ʒ/ and the voiceless /ʍ/ appear only in loanwords
  • The guttural rhotic /ʀ/ is typically realized as a post-velar fricative trill [ʀ̟̝], sometimes all-out fricative/approximant [ʁ̟~ʁ̟̞].
  • /w ʍ/ are compressed [ɰᵝ ɰ̊ᵝ]

Vowels Edit

Front Central Back
Close i ɨ ɯᵝ
Close-Mid e ɤᵝ
Open-Mid ɛ ə ʌᵝ
Open a

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