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Demonic Religion Big

The symbol of the Demonic religion.

The lord of Nortiimus is also the god of the demons. Maybe the only deity in the world of Artograch whose existence can be truly proven. It’s rather hard to give a description about the demon god, because it’s person varies. The reason is, that anyone who wears the Crown of Nortiimus is given divine power. Most of the time, the crown is worn by the strongest demon, but there have been a few examples when a non-demon acquired the crown and become leader of the demons - for a very short time. The main reason why the crown is never in one person’s hand for very long time is that there is always a fight for it. But the crown makes it’s wearer unobservant, and by that, weaker (if a mortal is given divine powers, he/she won’t train to maintain his/her original powers), and in that situation: one unlucky moment, and someone else acquired the crown (and the new god usually kills the former god after that). The god of the demons is a despotic ruler, anyone blindly follows his/her commands, with the exception of the strongest demons, who wish to take the crown. Well, this is hardly a religion, because demons obey their god only because they fear his/her powers, not because they trust him/her. This is why there is this saying: “Fear is the prayer of the demons”.