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Once Dark Elves were like High Elves and Wood Elves. But then, they started using Dark Magic, and tried to start a revolution to legalize their dark practices around 421 AEKE. For that, they were banished to the shadows of the under world…. That is where things changed. Influenced by their new diet mainly consisting of mushrooms they ate underground, their skin colour turned from white into something between blue-ish light grey and purple-ish light grey. Influenced by their new surroundings, their instincts became different. Due to the adaptation to the underground life, they lost their talents in hunting and archery, and instead gained talents in stealth and use of small arms like daggers. Dark Elves can have black, gray or white (literally white) hair. It can be any shade of black: raven black, blue-ish black, reddish black, etc. But can never be red, brown, or blond. Although the exile is over, and they are no longer killed/arrested on sight if go to the surface, they formed their own societies in the underground world, namely, three clans. Even though the descendants of the first banished Dark Elves are now free to go to the surface, there is still a heavy prejudice against them, as they have a stereotypical reputation of being thieves, assassins, hitmen, bounty hunters, thugs, drug dealers, dark magicians and necromancers, which warrants racial discrimination almost anywhere they try to find their fortune. Until the age of 18, Dark Elves grow up with the same rate as humans. But after reaching the age of 18, it all slows down - a circa 100 years old elf is the counterpart of a 20 years old human, a circa 250 years old elf is the counterpart of a 30 years old human, a circa 800 years old elf is the counterpart of a 70-80 years old human, and it goes on like that.

Some people think that dark elves look disgusting, while some consider them attractive.

Attributes (FRPG) Edit

Enabled alignment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 9 19
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 9 19
Endurance 7 17
Charisma 8 18