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Dark Elven
Total speakers: ~23 000
Language family: Torgyrian
  Dark Elven 
Writing system: Dark Elven

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The Dark Elven language is the language of the Dark Elves and the Dark Elven clans. It was originally born as a mixed language between Middle High Elven and Wood Elven, as such it has a vastly simplified grammar, but still shares traits of both languages.

Differences from Middle High Elven and Wood Elven Edit

Vowels Edit

  • Wood Elven /u uː/ become /u uː/ after nasals and labials, /ɨᵝ ɨᵝː/ otherwise
    • /pju pjuː bju bjuː/ become /pɨᵝ pɨᵝː bɨᵝ bɨᵝː/
  • High Elven /u uː/ consistently become /u uː/, unless they precede /j/
  • Both High Elven and Wood Elven /ja jɔ ju jaː joː juː/ become /æ ɜᵝ ɨᵝ æː ɘᵝː ɨᵝː/
  • Vowels are often dropped to form syllabic consonants

Consonants Edit

  • /r/ is a uvular [ʀ~ʀ̆~ʁ]
  • /h/ is a velar/uvular [x~χ]
  • High Elven labio-velars /kʷ gʷ/ become /q w/
  • The cluster /ng/ becomes /ŋː/, degeminated to /ŋ/ when word-final, word-initial or syllabic

Consonants Edit

- Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular
Nasal /m/ /n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/
Stop Voiceless /p/ /t/, /t͡s/ /t͡ʃ~t͡ɕ/ /k/ /q/
Voiced /b/ /d/, /d͡z/ /d͡ʒ~d͡ʑ/ /g/
Fricative Voiceless /f~ɸ/ /s/ /ʃ~ɕ/ /x~χ/
Voiced /v~β/ /z/ /ʒ~ʑ/ /ʀ~ʀ̆~ʁ/
Approximant /l/ /j/ /w/
  • There is a considerable amount of free variation in the Dark Elven language, mostly regarding High Elven bias or Wood Elven bias
    • /f/ as [f] (High Elven bias) or [ɸ] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /v/ as [v] (High Elven bias) or [β] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /t͡ʃ/ as [t͡ʃ] (High Elven bias) or [t͡ɕ] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /d͡ʒ/ as [d͡ʒ] (High Elven bias) or [d͡ʑ] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /ʃ/ as [ʃ] (High Elven bias) or [ɕ] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /ʒ/ as [ʒ] (High Elven bias) or [ʑ] (Wood Elven bias)
    • /x/ (formerly /h/) as [x] or [χ]
    • /r/ as a uvular trill [ʀ], flap [ʀ̆] or fricative [ʁ]

Vowels Edit

- Front Central Back
Close Long /iː/ /ɨᵝː/ /uː/
Short /i/ /ɨᵝ/ /u/
Mid Long /eː/ /ɘᵝː/ /oː/
Short /ɛ/ /ɜᵝ/ /ɔ/
Open Long /æː/ /aː/ (ɒː)
Short /æ/ /a/ (ɒ)
  • The open back vowels [ɒ ɒː] exist only as the allophone of /a aː/ after /q r/, and /x/ by speakers who use [χ].

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