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Dark Elven Religion Big

The symbol of the Dark Elven religion.

The Dark Elves believe in their own “Dark Gods”.. The Necromancers and those who identify with the Dead (Vampires, Liches, Werewolves, Death Knights, Necromancers) are Atheists, so this is not their religion. The Dark Elves’ gods are Braa'darh and Lolth. Their religion is very similiar to the Wood Elven one, just replacing the obsession about nature with obsession about darkness.

Gods Edit

Braa'darh, the faceless Edit

According to the legend, when the Dark Elves were expelled they couldn’t survive first, but then Braa'darh gave them mercy and let them survive for a price. No one has ever seen Braa'darh, but he is usually depicted with red eyes and a black smoke substituting for his “face”. The Dark Elves pay tribute and sacriface to Braa'darh.

Lolth, the guide Edit

According to Dark Elven mythology, Braa'darh wife. The Dark Elves claim that Lloth has shown them the path to Darkness. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman.

Attitudes towards sexuality Edit