Language: English

House of Corlagon
Corlagonling, Corlagonen
Royal house
Corlagonid CoA

Coat of Arms of the Corlagonid dynasty

Country Kingdom of Etrand
Parent house Saercel tribe
Titles King of Etrand
Founded 0 AEKE/BEKE
Founder King Corlagon I of Etrand
Final ruler King Cuichelm I of Etrand
Dissolution 71 AEKE
Ethnicity Human

The Corlagonid dynasty - also known as Corlagonling (Etrandish: Corlagonling; IPA: [kʰɔɹlɑgɔnlɪŋ], meaning "Corlagon-descendants") or Corlagonen (Etrandish: Corlagonen; IPA: [kʰɔɹlɑgɔnɛn], meaning "of Corlagon") - was the ruling family of Etrand between 0 and 71 AEKE.

Origins Edit

Rise Edit

End Edit

Legacy, descendant houses Edit

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