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Ardryllus Sim Vara (High Elven: Ardryllus Sim Vara; IPA: [ɑɾdɾɪlːʊs‿sɪɱ‿vɑɾɑ]), known more as just Sim'vara (High Elven: Sim'vara; IPA: [sɪɱvɑɾɑ]) was a Froturnish general, one of the two consuls of Froturn between 809 and 818 alongside Ta'ael Myrth'nddare, a highly influental figure in Froturnish politics and considered one of the most pivotal figures of the decade preceding his death.

After his death, Sim'vara became a rather controversial and dividing figure in Froturnish politics - the current conservative and religious government associates him with the secularist-reformist movement that ruled Froturn between 809 and 818, but few people openly demonize the late Sim'vara - most instead shift the blame for the perceived wrongdoings on Myrth'nddare.

Biography Edit

Childhood and upbringing Edit

Sim'vara was born Ardryllus Sim Vara on 576 AEKE, 19th of Randametta, in the northern village of Pelúnia, in the Kingdom of Froturn. He was born into a noble household as a "replacement child" after all of his brothers and sisters were lost to a mysterious disease that not even the local priests could heal. Hailing from nobility, the young Ardyllus was destined for a military career by his father, who hoped that this "replacement child" would make the Sim Vara family famous.

When he turned 12 years old, he was enlisted into the Military Academy of Yanus where he would begin his military education, completing it only by the age of 24.

Military career Edit

Entrance to politics Edit

Froturnish Civil War Edit

Consul of Froturn Edit

Downfall and suicide Edit

In 818, the population of Yanus rose up rioting, demanding that King Ivahó - the de jure king - be given de facto powers. Rather than butchering the protesters like in 815, the bodyguards turned against Sim'vara and started a bloodless coup against him. The ageing general, left without anyone to support him against the combined forces of the coup and the protests, surrendered and was removed from power.

Sim'vara could not bear the shame of defeat and the loss of his political powers - shortly after being stripped of his post, he committed suicide, on 818 AEKE, 32th of Eregamandil by laying into his own spear. After his death, most of his associates were forced to retreat into the peripheries of the country's political life, if not outright denied the right to conduct further political activities.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of Sim'vara's intentional suicide, many of his supporters believe the conspiracy theory that Sim'vara was in fact assassinated, or forced to commit suicide by threats, rather than have committed suicide at his own will.

Legacy and perceptions Edit

Simvara Painting

Posthumus painting about Sim'vara.

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