Language: English
Community of Antanath
777 AEKE–???

Antanath shield.png
Coat of arms

Capital Helixia
Languages Halfling
Religion Halfling religion
Government Autonomous community
 -  Toma Dimple's Exodus 777 AEKE
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Community of Antanath is considered the smallest "state" in Continental Artograch - in fact, many don't even consider or recognize it as a state, only as the union of two independent villages - Helixia and Zargonath - in an area unclaimed by any of the powers.

The community is rather young, found only in 777 AEKE by Toma Dimple, an Etrandish-born Halfling, who led his exodus with less than a hundred Halflings from Etrand and Froturn. The community is still very small, having a population of only 350.

Even though a good deal of the initial pioneers were Titanists from Froturn or particioners of the Dwarven religion from Etrand, the spiritual leaders have revitalized the ancient Halfling religion.

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