Language: English

House of Bryant
Bryantling, Bryanten
Royal house
Bryantid CoA

Coat of Arms of the Bryantid dynasty

Country Kingdom of Etrand
Parent house Londbert family
Tondbertid dynasty (matrilineally)
Titles King of Etrand
Founded 718 AEKE (de facto)
744 AEKE (de jure)
Founder King Bryant I of Etrand (de facto)
King Cairbre I of Etrand (de jure)
Current head King Orlonius I of Etrand
Ethnicity Human, Half-Elf

The Bryantid dynasty - also known as Bryantling (Etrandish: Bryantling; IPA: [b̥ɾʏɑntʰl̥ɪŋ~b̥ɾɥɑntʰl̥ɪŋ], meaning "Bryant-descendants") or Bryanten (Etrandish: Bryanten; IPA: [b̥ɾʏɑntʰɛn~b̥ɾɥɑntʰɛn], meaning "of Bryant") - is the current ruling family of the Kingdom of Etrand.

Origins Edit

Rise Edit

Bryantid Insanity and Bryantid snake-eyedness Edit

All known Bryantid kings before Orlonius were known to develop at least one type of derangement as they grow old, and were also reported to have changed eye colours and developed a unique condition called "snake-eyedness - their eyes starting to have a closer a resemblance to the eyes of a snake rather an ordinary human. It is often referred to as the Bryantid curse by many believed to be of magical origin.

Starting from his late forties or early fifties, Bryant's originally brown eyes turned green, he became obsessed with science, and have developed a sexual apetite for his own gender - all evidence for the latter would be censored out of existence by his deeply religious and conservative son and successor, Cairbré, who in turn started seeing visions and babbling about his inevitable "ascension" starting from the age of 54 or 55 - his babblings were disregarded by the rest of the court as little more than a drunken old man's ramblings (it is unlikely that his alcoholism was a result of his mental condition). His green eyes gradually turned blue. Cairbré's successor Calhoun was almost obsessed with his children and got lethally devastated after his oldest son's, Crown Prince Bryant's death - Calhoun's eye colours did not change, but he did start exhibiting snake-eyedness half-a-year before his death. No signs of the Bryantid madness have surfaced for Orlonius yet, but he is already starting to have the snake-eyedness.

It is said that King Bryant's eldest son, Crown Prince Eurenic of Etrand was born with the snake-eyes. While other Bryantids start developing their condition anywhere between the late 40's to the early 60's, Eurenic inexplicably became an overly aggressive man already in his early 20's, which is what led to him losing favour.

It is worthy of note that all Bryantid rulers remained functional and effective rulers even with their mental conditions. Cairbré was even said to have "remained capable of making perfectly rational decisions even when under the influence of alcohol" - this however is most likely propaganda or a fabrication made up after his death.

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